India - Music for Inner Balance

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India - Music for Inner Balance
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Music for Inner Balance
CostaVerde Production, 2006
digipack, 59:31
Experience a meditative passage to India,

where Yoga practice is rooted, and Mantras and tunes are chanted since the beginning of times on the path to enlightenment.
Where in the golden light of dusk and dawn the air is filled with fragrance and reverberates with sounds of cymbals, drums and conch shell horns. Mystic chants echoe from the distant temples on the banks of Mother Ganga. Colorful clad pilgrims immerse in sacred waters on the holy river to purify and pray for liberation and healing.

Sitar, Tamboura, Tablas, Indian Flutes, Harmonium and other live recorded instruments will lead you on an inner voyage to the land, that triggers our fantasies and longings these days.

This new release by Costa Verde Production meets highest standards of recording and sound quality, thanks to the productive cooperation of Margot Reisinger and Tom Bates. The US sound engineer is winner of 8 Grammy Awards and again nominated for 2007.

Margot Reisinger's sensitive compositions are high quality music for relaxation.

Feel the serene moods of the music 'India - Music For Inner Balance'!

'Meditation on Ganga', 'Shakti's Dream', ' Yearning for Infinity':
Soothing sounds to fill your body and soul with peace, joy and inner balance.

This album is a wonderful background for Yoga, Relaxation, Massage, Meditation, Wellness, Reiki- and Healing treatments, Light- and Enery work, Aroma Therapy, Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Tai Chi
and many others.
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