Light of Asia

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Light of Asia
Light of Asia
Music for Inner Balance
CostaVerde Production. 2008
digipack, 65:02
The LIGHT OF ASIA is the light of Spirituality.

This new album by Margot Reisinger unites the many cultural and spiritual traditions of the Far East
into a colourful mosaic of sounds. You will discover alive compositions of high recording quality.

"Light Of Asia" follows the path of a spiritual traveller along Asia´s different cultures and traditions of wisdom.
He meets Chinese Tao masters performing secret rituals of longevity,
Tibetan Lamas chanting with devotion,
Indian Yogis in their joy of contemplation
and joins the meditation of Zen monks at the sea of Japan.

Margot´s creative and sensitive interpretation of Asias musical heritage with Flutes, Shakuhachi, Guzheng,
Koto, Piano, Percussion, Vocals, Keyboard, Sitar Guitar, Monocord, Tibetan Singing Bowls and Sounds of Nature
creates a subtle atmosphere to get a balanced and joyous mind.

Performing artists: Margot Reisinger shows once more on this album her special talent to produce meditative music.
Under the independent label Costa Verde Production, she developed her projects "Existence", the
"Music For Inner Balance" series, and several solo albums.

On "Light of Asia" she is supported by Phenpo Tendhar, Tibetan singer, composer and well known Thangka painter,
who already contributed spiritual mantras and traditional tunes to the album "TIBET - Heart • Beat • Meditation" by Existence.

The Tibetan singers Tsering Youdon and Tsering Pedon came from Nepal to Minho Sound Studios in Portugal for the
recordings of LIGHT OF ASIA, while the Tibetan Buddhist Monks of Kachoe Ghakyil were recorded by Tom Bates on location in Nepal.

The Shakuhachi flute on track 3 is played by James Nyoraku Schlefer from the United States, a true master on this meditative instrument.

The skillful participation of US sound engineer Tom Bates (8 Grammy Awards) guarantees highest quality in mixing and sound.

Be inspired by another highlight of the "Music For Inner Balance" series
and let the "Light Of Asia" shine through you!

The "Music For Inner Balance" series is very well suited for deepening your experience of
Relaxation, Massage, Meditation, Wellness, Reiki- and Healing Treatments, Light- and Energy Work,
Aroma Therapy, Shiatsu, Qi Gong, Yoga, Tai Chi and many others.
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