Ernő Rubik - Cubed - The Puzzle of Us All

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Ernő Rubik - Cubed - The Puzzle of Us All
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Erno Rubik - the inventor of the Rubik's Cube - inspires us with what he's learned in a lifetime of creating, curiosity and discovery.

Erno Rubik was a child when he first became obsessed with puzzles of all kinds. 'Puzzles', he writes, 'bring out important qualities in each of us: concentration, curiosity, a sense of play, the eagerness to discover a solution'. To Rubik puzzles aren't
just games - they're creativity machines. He encourages us to embrace our inner curiosity and find the puzzles that surround us in our everyday lives. Rubik's own puzzle, the Cube, went on to be solved by millions worldwide for over forty years, becoming
one of the bestselling toys of all time and a global symbol of intelligence and ingenuity.

In CUBED, Rubik covers more than just his journey to inventing his eponymous cube. He makes a case for the importance of being an amateur - as he has always considered himself. He discusses the inevitability of problems during any act of invention. He
reveals what it was like to experience the astonishing worldwide success of an object he made purely for his own play. And he offers what he thinks it means to be a true creator (hint: anyone can do it). Steeped in the wisdom and also the humility of a
born inventor, CUBED offers a unique look at the imperfect science of creation.

n 1974 Ernő Rubik was teaching architecture and design in Budapest when he came up with the idea for the Cube. He wanted to illustrate spatial relationships in 3D to his students, to ignite their creativity and remind them of the importance of play.
In 1980 the Rubik's Cube made its international debut at toy fairs across the world.
In 2020 the Cube celebrates its 40th Anniversary, having sold 450 million units worldwide*


CUBED: The Puzzle of Us All is as wild and inventive as you would expect from its author (the book opens with an introduction from The Cube. I shit you not). It tells the story of the Cube's precarious beginnings in Budapest in the 1970s, when Hungary
was behind the Iron Curtain, and the journey to becoming the bestselling toy in history and the #7 most searched term on Google ('how to solve the Rubik's Cube'). It is also packed full of fascinating and inspiring insights into creativity and the art of
invention. In the words of Mr Rubik:

'Puzzles bring out important qualities in each of us: concentration, curiosity, a sense of play, the eagerness to discover a solution. These are the very same qualities that form the bedrock for all human creativity. Puzzles are not just entertainment or
devices for killing time. For us, as for our ancestors, they help point the way to our creative potential. If you are curious, you will find the puzzles around you. If you are determined, you will solve them.'

Ernő Rubik
Cubed - The Puzzle of Us All
Orion Publishing Group
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