A Woman's Voice CD

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A Woman's Voice CD
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A Woman's Voice CD

New World Music, NWCD519

műanyag tok, 66:09


The new age collection "A Woman's Voice" introduces some of the genre's most enchanting female vocalists to North America for the very first time. While Enya has become an international sensation, artists such as Sharon Sage, Pia, Sarah Hopkins and Susanna have established themselves as vocalists and musicians in demand across Europe and Australia since the 1980's. Sally Oldfield's tribal fusion on "Flaming Star" is one of the album's most daring tracks. Incorporating chant-like vocals over momentous percussion, "Flaming Star" is a magnetic piece of work matching the likes of Deep Forest. Wendy Stark "Musa Mare Lullaby" and Juliana's "Woman Wisdom" cast a relaxed, heart-warming atmosphere with its intricate sound structure of woodwinds. Sara Hopkins choral beauty of "Honour the Earth as Your Mother" draws upon the Native American musical Styles, exuding a confidence and a sultry appeal inside this musical genre. The ambience is seamless on A Woman'' Voice and fans of the ever-changing sophisticated side of New Age music will be mesmerised.

MacKenzie Wilson
AMG Expert Review
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