Stephen King - It

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Stephen King - It
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„A ​group of kids from Derry, Maine are terrorized by "IT”. And now, 30 years later, they are being summond by „IT”. And are faced with one final showdown with the evil that lives below Derry, and doesn't have a name…"
William Henning, Resident Scholar

„Little boy gets killed by monster brother remembers and wants revenge. him and his friends want to kill the monster because it is killing children”
Gary Moles, Resident Scholar

„"It” is your worst fear--literally. An ancient evil that returns periodically to feed upon the populace of a small town in Maine, the monstrous entity known as „It” can, and will, be everyone's worst nightmare come true. It attacked Derry years ago, but a group of kids defeated the monster--or so they'd believed. Now, they are adults, and „It” has come back. In fighting the monster, the adults recall what it was like to have fought it years before. The last time, they'd been lucky in one respect, at least. None of them had been killed. This time, one of them will die. A scary and suspenseful horror story that creates the world as it was in the late 1950's and early 1960's and as it was in the 1990's. "
Gary Pullman, Resident Scholar

"A group of friends faced a cruel monster dressed up like a clown when they were just kids. It killed children, because only children believed their fears. They thought they had killed it. They were wrong.
30 years later it is killing children again and the friends decide to meet again to destroy it."
Katy, Resident Scholar

„In this very discripted book these kids are all connected to "IT”. And struggle to kill „IT”."
Maggie Von, Resident Scholar

„Kids in a small town called Derry are killed by "It”. George, Bills brother, is one of these victims. Bill wants revenge. He and his other freinds try to kill it by going into the sewers. They think they killed it. They were wrong. Thirty years later they all find themselves back in Derry to fight It again."
Janet Johnson, Resident Scholar

Stephen King
New English Library
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